Recommended Operating Guidelines

A series of Recommended Operating Guidelines (ROGs) were produced by the MESH and MESH Atlantic projects to standardise the use of survey equipment for users to obtain the best quality data for habitat mapping. They were created following a comprehensive Review of Standards and Protocols for Seabed Habitat Mapping (Coggan, 2007).

The ROGs cover:

  1. Guidelines for mapping intertidal, shallow subtidal and deep subtidal habitats by remote and on-site surveys
  2. Standards and protocols for the use and ground-truthing of acoustic techniques and remote sensing imagery
Recommended Operating Guideline Title Type
3D seismic derived seabed imagery PDF
Aerial photography PDF
Acoustic ground discrimination systems (AGDS) PDF
Airborne digital imagery PDF
Box Coring PDF
High resolution satellite imagery PDF
LiDAR surveys PDF
Sediment profile imagery (SPI) PDF
Sidescan PDF
Single beam echosounder surveying PDF
Standards & protocols review Zip
Sub Bottom Profiler (Chirp)  PDF
Swath Bathymetry PDF
Trawls & Dredges PDF
Underwater video & photographic imaging techniques PDF