Official Release of EUSeaMap 2021

We have published the latest version of the pan-European broad-scale seabed habitat map for Europe, EUSeaMap 2021. EUSeaMap 2021 builds on previous iterations with an updated, higher resolution seabed substrate layer from the EMODnet Geology project, the inclusion of a biogenic substrate class and attribution in 5 different classification systems.

The habitat map is published alongside a suite of ‘habitat descriptor’ layers that provide valuable information on their own, such as Biological Zone, Energy Class and Substrate. The EUNIS, MSFD and habitat descriptor layers are all accompanied by a confidence assessment. 

EUSeaMap 2021 is available to view via the Map Viewer, to access via Web Mapping Service (WMS) and to download for free. Information on the methodology used to create the most recent version of EUSeaMap can be found in the EUSeaMap 2021 Technical Report.


Main map: EUSeaMap 2021 is available in three Europe-wide classification systems (EUNIS habitat classification 2007, EUNIS marine habitat classification 2019 and MSFD Benthic Broad Habitat Types), and two regional classifications (HELCOM Underwater Biotopes in the Baltic and Barcelona Convention habitat types in the Mediterranean).