A compilation and review of habitat models in European Seas

It is now possible to view a range of predictive habitat model outputs that occur at various scales and extents in Europe’s seas via the EMODnet Seabed Habitats interactive map. This compilation is accompanied by a literature review of peer-reviewed published studies that focus on seabed habitats and habitat-forming species. This report is now freely-available to download.

The report provides a qualitative review of the current trends and status of seabed habitat modelling within European seas, aiming to explore:

  • What are the most popular methods to obtain training data for modelling;
  • What are the main environmental variables used to predict distribution of habitats and habitat-forming species;
  • A summary of the main categories of species and habitats modelled;
  • What modelling methods are most frequently employed; and
  • The scale and resolution to which modelling studies work.

For more information:

  • See the compilation of model outputs on the interactive map here.
  • Read the review here.