The MESH project ended in 2008 and this website is no longer updated.

Please see the EMODnet Seabed Habitats website for current information about habitat mapping data and standards in Europe.

Case Study Library
Irish Sea Pilot
One of MESH's key aims was to illustrating the value / necessity of having good spatial habitat maps for sustainable marine resource planning and development.  So case studies have been brought together to demonstrate:
  • good spatial planning / decision making where good habitat data was available;
  • bad spatial planning / decision making where inadequate habitat data was available; and,
  • the use of habitat mapping in environmental or conservation management.
Please find below a wealth of useful case studies.
Case Studies Library
File Name Type Size
Case Study: A comparison of soft classification techniques PDF 312kb
Case Study: Appropriate use of multi-beam vs AGDS PDF 734kb
Case Study: Sound of Arisaig - candidate Special Area of Conservation PDF 76kb
Case Study: Complimentary acoustic survey techniques - surveying sandbanks in the Moray Firth cSAC PDF 854kb
Case Study: Eastern Channel Regional Environmental Assessment and monitoring for aggregates PDF 123kb
Case Study: Evaluating seabed mapping techniques* PDF 14 MB
Case Study: Multiple use zoning in UK and Manx waters of the Irish Sea PDF 1951kb
Case Study: Sea fisheries and European marine site, Flamborough Head PDF 263kb
Case Study: Habitat mapping at different scales as predictors of socio-economic activity - Highland shellfish management PDF 1.5 MB
Case Study: Assessment of human pressure on seabed features PDF 207kb
Case Study: Optimal detection and identification of biogenic structures using side scan sonar* PDF 27MB
Case Study: Marine sand extraction in the Netherlands PDF 68kb
Case Study: Marine spatial planning pilot - senario tidal stream energy PDF 95kb
Case Study: Maximum likelihood classification of AGDS data PDF 120kb
Case Study: Nested survey design PDF 562kb
Case Study: Optimal track spacing for AGDS PDF 305kb
Case Study: Prior probability classification PDF 782kb
Case Study: Redundancy of acoustic and video ground truth survey data - Loch Maddy SAC PDF 2 MB
Case Study: Piloting the use of drop down scanning sonar for the detection of reef features (Sabellaria) PDF 765kb

Case Study: Using statistics to support survey design

PDF 371kb
Case Study: Sussex Sea Fisheries management PDF 383kb
Case Study: Temporal use of AGDS PDF 259kb
Case Study: The use of video techniques for ground truthing PDF 740kb
*Large file: please be aware this make take time to download. 
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