The MESH project ended in 2008 and this website is no longer updated.

Please see the EMODnet Seabed Habitats website for current information about habitat mapping data and standards in Europe.

MESH Guide to Marine Habitat Mapping


The fully interactive and easy to use:


Opening page of MESH Guide


A key product of the MESH Project is a fully interactive guide to marine habitat mapping - available through this website. It provides information at three levels to be used by everyone from the interested lay person through to the specialist mapping scientist. Each chapter starts with an overview and introduction to set out the important 'need to know' principles, and then progress through further sections offering more technical detail, culminating in Recommended Operating Guidelines (ROGs) to help the field surveyor or data analyst standardise their work. The MESH Guide is extensively illustrated with case studies and worked examples from the MESH Project surveys, and provides a series of interactive tools for the user to download.


A printed MESH Guide: a Synopis is available from JNCC, which comprises the introductory text from each section together with selected other sections describing some of the MESH survey tools. It also includes a full version of the guide on DVD for offline use. If you wish to obtain a copy, please email the MESH Project Team at JNCC ([email protected]).

A PDF version is available for download by clicking the link below:
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